What Are Home Ants Afraid Of?

Ants are insects living in large colonies. They are the orderlies of the forest and clean large areas of debris, harmful caterpillars and insects. Ants will loosen the soil, paving moves in it. But appearing in the garden or in the garden, most often they bring a lot of inconvenience to the owners: they spoil the beds, breed aphids. Therefore, people came up with many ways and means to getting rid of ant infestation in the garden and in the garden.

Sometimes it happens that these insects appear in an apartment or a private house. This neighborhood also does not please the owners. This article is about what domestic ants are afraid of, how to quickly evict them from their home.

What House Ants Are Afraid of

To quickly and permanently evict insects from an apartment or house, you need to determine what the ants are afraid of. Widely known and proven “fears” of ants are:

Garlic. The smell of garlic repels ants. If you spread the cut cloves of garlic in places where insects were seen, they are likely to leave. This method is suitable for those who normally tolerate the smell of garlic.

Sunflower oil. The smell is not as sharp as that of garlic, but it repels ants well. Oil should be used to lubricate places where insects often run. This product has its drawbacks: spots may remain after oil on some surfaces.

Parsley is one of the plants whose ants fear the smell. Bundles of greenery can be laid out in kitchen cabinets, where insects are most often wound. The smell of fresh greens pleasant for the person will frighten off insects. In addition to parsley, ants are scared away by the smell of mint, anise, wormwood, tomato leaves.

Yeast. Fresh yeast should be diluted in warm water and arrange containers with the solution in the habitats of insects.

Lemon. Sliced ​​in different places slices of fresh lemon will help get rid of ants.

Ultrasound. To combat insects, special ultrasonic repellers have been developed. The waves emanating from the device make the ants leave this territory.

Is It Worth a Man to Be Afraid of Ants?

The ant is without a doubt a beneficial insect. But there is a lot of harm. If you are going to fight these insects in the garden, in the garden, in the house, you need to evaluate the benefits and harms of ants.

The ants in the apartment and the house create 4 main problems for the owners:

Aesthetic inconvenience. It’s unpleasant to understand that insects crawl on tables and products.

Bites Although ant bites are considered useful, but it is always unpleasant and can be unsafe, for example, for allergy sufferers.

Spread of dirt and germs. After a walk in the bin, an ant can walk along with a plate of food.

Spoilage of products. Foods that insects have eaten should be thrown away, firstly, because of the same microbes, and secondly, few people want to eat up food for ants.

Thus, to fight these hardworking insects in the house is not only possible but also necessary.

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