Sunflower Moth (Homoeosoma Nebulellum)

Pest Type: Sunflower Pest

Row: Lepidoptera – Lepidoptera

Family: Fireplugs – Pyraustidae

It is widespread in Russia, a zone of high severity covers the steppe and south of the forest-steppe. Damages sunflower.

A butterfly with a wingspan of 22-26 mm, the front wings are yellow-gray with 3-5 black spots in the middle and several points on the outer edge, the hind wings are clear gray, translucent. Egg 0.8 mm in size, milky white, oblong. The caterpillar is 15-18 mm long, yellow-green with brown-black stripes, the head and shield are dark browns. Pupa 9-13 mm long, brown.

Butterfly years take place in June-August. The female lays eggs in baskets and anthers of sunflower, one or 2-5 each, the fecundity is 120-320 eggs. The duration of embryonic development is 3-7 days. Caterpillars first feed on pollen and flower petals, and starting from the third age, they gnaw through the shells of achenes and eat away the seeds. Basket fabrics and wrapping letters can also be eaten.

The life expectancy of the caterpillars is 13-20 days. Caterpillars pupate in the soil, in an oblong dense white cocoon. The pupa develops 17 days. Within a year, one generation is formed, in the south-two, the second optional.

Protective measures. The cultivation of shell-shaped varieties of sunflowers, which is almost not damaged by caterpillars due to the presence of a protective layer of the seed coat. Deep autumnal plowing of fields after harvesting sunflower.

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