How to Get Rid of Pest Moth Plants in the Garden Part 2

Fighting Hawthorn Moth

This pest is a small butterfly, the wingspan of which is 6 mm. Track length – 5 mm.

Hawthorn moth damages the leaves of all fruit trees , especially apple trees.

Wintering of moth butterflies and pupae takes place under fallen leaves and in cracks of the bark.

Caterpillars eats passages in the leaves without damaging the skin of the leaf plate. Sometimes they can eat leaves, forming round holes in them up to 8 mm in diameter.

Pupation occurs in spider webs on the underside of the leaf.

To combat hawthorn circle moth, it is recommended to spray the trees with the infusion of hot pepper. To do this, 1 kg of fresh or 0.5 kg of dry red pepper should be poured into 10 liters of water, boiled for 1 hour, insisted for a day, then strain. The resulting solution should be bottled and stored in a cool dark place. Before spraying in 10 l of water, it is recommended to add 125 ml of the resulting solution and 40 g of laundry soap. Trees should be sprayed once every 2 weeks. In total, 2-3 sprayings should be carried out per season.

In addition, caterpillar colonies should be collected and destroyed along with cobweb nests.

How to get rid of moths in the garden and prevent her from returning again? In autumn, it is necessary to rake the fallen leaves and dig the soil under the trees, timely whitewash the trunks.

Before flowering, trees can be sprayed with insecticides, but most chemicals are only effective in controlling young caterpillars.

How to Deal With a Pest of Tomato Mining Moth

The pest of a tomato, the mining moth, is a small insect of the butterfly family, the wingspan of which usually reaches 5-15 mm. The head is round in shape, smooth, on it there is a crest of hairy scales, whiskers are threadlike. The back of the insect is covered with adjacent flakes of various shapes. The mottled moth wings are narrow, lanceolate, with a pattern of pronounced light stripes and spots on a dark background. Speckled moth caterpillars harm the apple tree, as they damage its leaves, eating passages in the green tissues of plants.

Often they hide under the sheet, wrapping it and thus forming a cap, tube or pocket.

Entomophagous insects, such as lacewings and predatory bugs, help reduce the number of motley moths. Riding insects parasitize in the pest tracks.

The carriers of the terry of blackcurrant, leading to sterility of crops, are aphids and ticks. In diseased plants, underdevelopment of leaves is observed, the latter become elongated, similar to dioecious nettle leaves, their smell is lost.

Affected by the disease, the flowers change their shape and color – their petals are elongated, green or purple, they become as if terry. The flowers dry out, but remain on the plants. In most cases, there are no berries on the affected bushes.

How to get rid of moth on plants by effective methods? The following measures were recommended: digging up and destroying infected bushes, attracting entomophagous insects to aphids and ticks to the site, timely treatment of cultures with tinctures and decoctions of insecticidal plants that repel disease vectors .

How to Deal With an Upside-Down Moth on an Apple Tree

This pest is a small butterfly that damages the leaves of all fruit trees, especially apple trees. Wintering of the caterpillar of the moth takes place under the fallen leaves, in the cracks of the bark. In the spring, a mole can lay up to 30 eggs on the upper side of leafy leaves. Caterpillars eat out the passages in the pulp of the leaf without damaging the skin of the leaf plate. Their pupation takes place in spider webs on the underside of the leaf. In this case, the sheet is pulled together and bent.

To combat the upper-sided fruit moth, it is necessary to collect and destroy colonies of caterpillars along with spider webs. In autumn, it is necessary to rake the fallen leaves and dig up the soil near the trees, clean the bark from moss and dead particles, and whitewash the trunks.

How to deal with moth on the apple when a large number of pests invade? It is recommended to spray trees before flowering with insecticides, but most drugs are effective only in the fight against young caterpillars.

When working with the sprayer, a stream of liquid should be directed to the underside of the leaves.

The distance between the sprayer tip and the surface to be treated should be at least 0.5 m. It is better not to hold the jet in one place, otherwise the liquid will begin to drain.

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